Transportation is offered to seniors 60+ Monday – Friday morning. There is no charge for transportation, but a reservation is required and can be made by calling 817-573-5533.

Transportation can be arranged for shopping, hair appointments, doctor appointments, and other reasons.

Policy and Procedure


Hood County Committee on Aging Transportation services were developed to provide safe and efficient transportation to person with special needs as specified by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Federal guidelines and the Board of Directors of Hood County Committee of Aging have established the criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible to be transported.

  1. A person must be 60 years of age or older.
  2. A person must reside within the allowed transportation coverage area.
  3. Transportation not available through other resources.
  4. Not able to drive.
  5. Paperwork must be filled out prior to using this transportation service. A Solid Gold Rider Card identification number must be issued to each HCCOA client using The Transit System transportation.

TITLE:                      LOSS OF ELIGIBILITY

Client should contact the  Hood County Committee on Aging, Senior Center office at 817 573-5533 if they are have other means of transportation, are able to drive themselves, or other resources in the community become available.

  1. If a client has been denied Transportation service and feels that the decision was not fair, he/she may request a re-evaluation of the situation.  They should contact the Director at 817 573-5533.

TITLE:                      CODE OF CONDUCT

You as the passenger are expected to be ready and waiting when transportation arrives.

  1. If you cannot meet the transportation at the designated time, you are expected to notify the center of the change as soon as possible. Failure to alert HCCOA of cancellation may result in the loss of transportation privileges.
  2. A 24-hour notice is required for HCCOA to schedule transportation.
  3. No smoking allowed on the vehicles used for transportation.
  4. No eating or drinking is allowed on the vehicles used for transportation.
  5. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on the vehicles used for transportation.
  6. No obscene or abusive language is allowed on the vehicles used for transportation.
  7. No disorderly conduct will be allowed on the vehicles used for transportation.

TITLE:                      TRANSPORTATION

The Hood County Committee on Aging will be contracting part of its transportation services to The Transit System. TTS will only transport our clients to and from the Center for lunch. HCCOA will continue to transport clients for doctor and beauty shop appointments as well as grocery shopping. Drivers must complete the Passenger Assistance Training (PAT) program and be familiar with procedures for assisting clients in and out of vehicles.

Clients will be transported to and from the center for lunch and activities Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am until 1:30 pm.

  1. Clients can make standing reservations for lunch, grocery shopping, and beauty shop appointments. Doctor appointments will be handled on an as-needed basis.
  2. Clients will be transported to and from local doctor and dentist appointments Monday through Friday. These appointments will be given first consideration when scheduling all transportation.
  3. Transportation reservations must be made by noon of the day before the client wishes to be picked up, unless they already have a standing reservation.
  4. To cancel transportation, the Client must notify the Senior Center by noon of the day prior to the reservation to have their name removed from that day’s roster. If a client is out of town or sick for a period of time, transportation service will not resume until the client has notified the Center to restart service.
  5. In the case of a last-minute, emergency change, the Client must notify the Center by 7:30 am the day of the reservation in order to cancel, or add, their name to that day’s transportation roster.
  6. Address for pick up and delivery should be clearly marked and visible from the street.
  7. Clients will continue to make their contributions for transportation directly to the Hood County Committee on Aging on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Do not pay the Transit driver.